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8 tips for effective Door Hanger Printing techniques

Friday, May 21st, 2010

A unique addition to the world of marketing is door hanger printing. Door hangers are not only affordable to a business person; they effectively reach your customers’ doorsteps. With the right door hanging printing techniques, you will be able to create and use a great door hanger to boost the performance of your business.

1. When you prints your door hanger, remember that the first thing your customer does with the door hanger is look at it. So you have to create a great impression that will grab the attention of your customer in the split of a second.

2. This is when you have to make your customers read your copy and respond to it. The best way thing to do this is to create a unique door hanger; perhaps by incorporating a die-cut shape.

3. There are hundreds of die-cut templates for you to choose in the internet for you to use on your door hanger. You can also create your own custom die-cut template for that extra look to your door hanger. Just ensure that the die cut is relevant to your organization and sends the message you require to your customers.

4. Make maximum use of door hangers by printing on its back too. Double sided door hanger printing techniques is economical for your business. In addition to this, you could use the back of the door hanger to elaborate the message you want to get across through the door hanger. You could include directions and maps, coupons, bullet points of service and more to the door hanger back.

5. If your door hanger is meant to create some direct response from its recipients, you could have your door hanger perforated or scored. It provides for easy tear off and is a great means of keeping track on the response generated through the door hanger. In fact, based on the response you receive from door hangers, you will be able to fine tune your next door hanger marketing technique.

6. Use the right paper for your door hanger for better and longer effects. Desktop printed door hangers may wither at the door while sturdy 12 point gloss covered door hangers last longer and create a better impression for your business. In fact, if you add a water resistant UV coating to your door hanger, you are sure your message remains intact on the door hanger till your customer finds it and does not get wiped off with the morning dew.

7. Before your door hanger is printed, get a hard copy proof of it so that you can check it for typos and design layout errors. It’s better to use electronic proofs as it can be used for repeat orders and easily make minor changes.

8. When you print your door hanger, print it in bulk as it is a cheaper option for you.

Keep these tips in mind for your door hanger printing so that you get maximum returns from them, with minimum expenditure or investment.

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